Banana Bread


This is the perfect recipe, it’s so simple, incredibly delicious and amazingly healthy. I’ve been enjoying it this week on it’s own for breakfast or spread thick with almond butter or homemade nutella for my afternoon snack (seriously the ultimate winter comfort food for these darker days!) Either way it tastes amazing. It’s so perfectly sweet thanks to the banana with amazing caramel-like overtones from the maple syrup and a slight spice form the cinnamon. The texture is divine too, nicely soft and squishy yet still so satisfying and slightly hearty. It’s a wonderful thing to keep stored in your kitchen too for when you’re after something sweet as it’s just so easy to make and has only seven, really easy-to-find ingredients and no complicated cooking instructions!   I think you’re going to love it!


Makes one loaf

- 5 large over-ripe bananas

- 1 cup of almonds

- 2 cups of pecans

- 1 cup of buckwheat or brown rice flour

- 1/2 a cup of maple syrup

- 3 tablespoons of chia seeds

- 2 tablespoons of cinnamon


Start by pre-heating the oven to 145C. Then blend the almonds and pecans in a food processor so that they form a flour, this should take about thirty seconds. Once it’s smooth remove the flour and add it to a mixing bowl with the buckwheat flour, maple syrup, chia seeds and cinnamon, mixing them all together.

Next mash the bananas together until smooth before stirring them into the bread mix, at this point the mixture should be really nice and sticky.

Grease a loaf tin with coconut oil and then pour in the mix and allow it to bake for about an hour.


  • Tor

    HI Ella,
    I love this recipe, i’ve found it also works really well once its baked if you slice it and the re-bake for delish biscotti.

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  • Madeleine

    Wow another cracker recipe. I’ve had this one on my ‘to make’ list for a while and I’m so happy with the result. Incredible with some coconut oil spread over. Thanks again Ella

  • Mia

    Isn’t two tablespoons cinnamon a bit much? Is it supposed to be two teaspoons?

    • ellawoodward

      You can add as much or little as you like to suit your taste!

  • ellawoodward

    I imagine frozen bananas would be more watery so that may be why.

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Vicky, I don’t actually use spelt flour as it contains gluten! have a lovely day :) ella x

  • ellawoodward

    That makes me so happy to hear! X

  • ellawoodward

    Yes that would work fine :) x

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Lilla, I don’t use white sugar because it’s refined and unnatural. Keep an eye out for the up coming blog post on sugar which will explain things in more detail. X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Ash, this would amount to 3 cups. Hope you enjoy the banana bread! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Ash, although it may seem like less because the nuts have been ground down, I would still use 3 cups. Hope you love it! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Rebecca, I don’t have the gram measurements unfortunately. Have a lovely weekend! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Rebecca, yes you can freeze it. So glad you love it! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Lilly, you don’t need to soak the chia seeds first. So glad you love the blog! Have a lovely day! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Sharon, I’ve not tried it in a bread maker before but I think they will work fine! Have a lovely day! X

  • ellawoodward

    HI Nicola, I’m not sure of the exact units as I work in cup size. I would guess you would need to buy a little less than 3 cups for the ground almonds. Have a lovely day! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Amanda, I’ve not made it like this before but you could try it however this will change the recipe and won’t taste as sweet! X