Healthy Banana and Almond Granola Clusters


Anyone who knew me before I changed my diet knows that along with chocolate, pick and mix candy and peanut butter and jam eaten with a spoon, yoghurt and granola was my favourite food. I ate it  all the time, it was my super easy, super lazy alternative to normal meals. So as you can image it wasn’t easy to give up, but like with everything else you see here I found an alternative. For me smoothie bowls topped with these banana and almond clusters are the ultimate replacement as they have the same mix of sweet creaminess contrasted with delicious crunchiness. Even better, this combination actually tastes a million times better than any of my old store-brought variations. It’s so good that the thought of my morning bowl literally makes me bounce out of bed in the morning – it’s awesome! Of course it’s super healthy too. The clusters are made just from almonds, walnuts, oats, flaxseeds, sunflower seeds and pumpkin seeds and they’re stuck together using mashed banana, almond butter and manuka honey. So they really are bursting with brilliant goodness with heaps of plant protein, omega 3 acids, vitamins and wonderful fibre filled complex carbohydrates to keep you full and energetic for hours! This combined with the fresh fruit and veg in my morning smoothie means I start my day on such a positive note, which I love. I’ve said it before but I really can’t stress enough the importance of making healthy choices first thing in the morning as they power you up for a strong, healthy day! Try making a batch of these clusters and add them to your morning smoothie for a week, I can guarantee that you’ll feel incredible by the end! They’re also the easiest thing to make and last for ages in an air tight container!


- 1 cup of almonds

- 1/2 a cup of walnuts

- 1 cup of oats

- 1/2 a cup of sunflower seeds

- 1/2 a cup of pumpkin seeds

- 1/2 cup of flaxseeds

- 3 very ripe bananas

- 2 tablespoons of manuka honey

- 2 tablespoons of almond butter

For my favourite smoothie bowl:

- 1 ripe banana

- 1/2 a cup each of blueberries, strawberries and raspberries

- 1 handful of spinach

- 1 tablespoon of almond milk or water

Start by pre-heating the oven to 190C. Then place all the dry ingredients into a bowl.

In a separate bowl place the peeled bananas and mash them with a fork, before adding the honey and almond butter. Stir the three ingredients together so that they form a sticky paste.

Pour the paste over the dry ingredients mixing everything together so that the whole mixture sticks together. Then place this mixture onto a piece of baking paper on a baking tray and put it in the oven. Allow to bake for about 25 minutes, until the clusters start to brown a little and become firm. Although half way through it’s best to take the tray out and sir them around a bit, otherwise the whole thing will stick together in one giant cluster!

Then allow to cool and store in an air tight container, enjoy!


  • Caitlin

    how perfect! i love how minimal the added sugar is in comparison to just about any other granola recipe i’ve ever seen! love it topped on your smoothie! what an ultimate breakfast.

    • Ella Woodward

      Thank you Caitlin! So glad that you love it – it’s amazing how good granola tastes without all the sugar and combined with the fruity smoothie it tastes so incredibly sweet and delicious that you’d never want to add more sugar anyway!

  • Lucy

    Hi Ella

    I have recently found your blog and i have been loving it! So far I have tried the carrot cake (three times actually) – it is soooo delicious! And I have just made your chocolate brownies – yummy! Thanks so much for sharing this all with us! – i know how much work goes in to blogging since I love blogging myself! (

    I have just followed your blog so I know when you post new stuff :)

    Lucy x

    • Ella Woodward

      Hi Lucy! I’m so glad that you’re loving the blog and all the recipes! I totally agree with you on the carrot cake love – it’s one of my absolute favourites! Loving your blog too – thank you for sharing :) x

  • Ella @ Lifeologia

    Yummy, You make the prettiest delicious food ;)


    I just wanted to check in with you if you perhaps wanted to add an Easter dish to the Potluck ~ I will be compiling a roundup and posting on fb soon ;) xo

    • Ella Woodward

      You’re the best, thanks Ella! Sorry I missed the potluck, I’ve been escaping technology on vacation but I’ll be there at the next! Hope you had a wonderful Easter :)

  • therawfoodsisters

    This looks delicious! All your posts does. Have a wonderful day!

    • Ella Woodward

      Thank you so much, so glad that you love the look of this one! Have an awesome week! :)

  • Charlotte

    Hi Ella!

    I’ve just tried this amazing recipe of yours (LOVE the inclusion of banana as a base). It tastes absolutely lovely, but I wanted to check – did yours come out crunchy and granola-like? Mine were mostly soft and I was wondering if this was the way it should be or if I should have baked it for more time etc.

    Thank you and have a lovely Easter Weekend!

    Charlotte x

    • Ella Woodward

      Hi Charlotte! I’m so glad that you loved this! The longer you cook and the more you break them up into smaller bites the crunchier they become :) Hope that helps! :)

  • Sousou

    Oh my goodness! This is so yummy. I made it the other day and ate half of it as it came out the oven.

    • Ella Woodward

      I’m glad you loved them so much! They’re my favourite snack, just so yummy – I always eat so many straight from the oven too! :)

  • sarah

    Hey Ella,

    I just read a bit of your about me, and realized that we have so much in common! I’m also 21, and an art history student, and love experimenting with food. I didn’t really know where else to leave a reply, so I guess here is best since I’ll definitely be trying your granola recipe soon. Anyway, I really enjoy your blog, and I can’t wait to test our some recipes!


    • Ella Woodward

      Hi Sarah! Thank you so much for getting in touch, it’s so awesome to hear from someone so similar! Hope you love these clusters when you try them :)

  • Sophie

    I coked these last weekend and have been having them with my breakfast smoothie all week. So yummy! Id never had granola, so it was a real treat. I am cooking some more this weekend at my mums request. Thank you for the recipe.

    • Ella Woodward

      I’m so happy to hear that! Granola and breakfast smoothies are my favourite things! :)

  • Jessica

    Can I replace the manuka honey with, say, agave or something? I’m vegan and I don’t consume honey.

    • Ella Woodward

      Yes you absolutely can, they’ll still taste awesome! Either agave or pure maple syrup would be great :)

  • Sophie33

    Your gf granola rocks!

    I made it today & loved it! :) Yummm!

    • Ella Woodward

      Thank you!! :)

  • Liz @ I Spy Plum Pie

    This looks great! I love my morning smoothies but something deliciously crunchy on top would be perfect! Will have to give these a try!

  • adashofsimpleandsweet

    I made this granola on Sunday to enjoy the rest of the week – it is absolutely delectable, and makes the house smells fantastic. Such a wonderful blend of ingredients, I CANNOT wait to try more of your recipes.

    Thanks for sharing!

    • Ella Woodward

      That’s awesome, I’m so happy to hear that! :) I love the smell of it too, it’s amazing – I wish my kitchen always smelled like that! Hope you enjoy the other recipes just as much! :)

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  • Kirsty

    I discovered your site last week and made the granola, the 3 tiered choc cake and the date coconut bites this weekend. They are all absolutely delicious.
    Having the smoothie with granola for breakfast tomorrow morning. Had a slice of the cake for breakfast this morning with coffee. A yummy Sunday breakfast!
    Thanks for all your work on the blog and site. I’m addicted.

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Kirsty. That’s so awesome to hear, I’m so glad that you’ve been enjoying so many of my recipes! Also awesome to hear that I’m not the only one who eats this cake for breakfast! :)

  • Julie

    Hello!! I am preparing this recipe RIGHT NOW! I cannot wait to try it. I unfortunately had to make some substitutions based on what I had in the pantry, but I am sure they will be awesome! (mainly switching sesame seeds for flax, and agave for honey) I wanted to know – can these clusters be frozen? In hindsight I should have halved the recipe since I’m eating them on my own. Also, in an airtight container, do you have an idea of their shelf life? Thanks for the info! Looking forward to having more fun with your other recipes!!!

    • ellawoodward

      I keep mine in an airtight container for a month or two, they seem to last forever stored like that so I’ve never tried freezing them! I hope you love them :)

  • Ursula

    I made my first batch yesterday (first time for granola ever) and it is so tasty and delicious! I have to stop myself to eat the whole batch.
    Thanks for another amazing recipe!

    • ellawoodward

      That’s fantastic, I’m so happy to hear that! I always have to stop myself from eating the whole batch too! :)

  • Alison

    I love your blog so much, the recipes all seem so delicious ! I just made your cinnamon granola, which made my kitchen smell soooo good! It’s gonna be absolutely perfect for my breakfast tomorrow :D
    I really want to try this recipe as well, the only thing is I don’t have almond butter, only peanut butter… Could I use it instead of almond butter? Or is there any substitute I could use?
    Thanks so much for your answer!
    Love from France xx

    • ellawoodward

      Hi Alison. I’m so glad that you love the blog so much and that you are enjoying the recipes! The cinnamon granola is one of my all time favourites and I totally agree that it always makes the kitchen smell so great! In answer to your question about this recipe peanut butter will work perfectly too, any nut butter is awesome! xxx

  • Lindsey

    Hi Ella,

    I love your blog! I was just wondering if I could omit the flax seeds from the recipe as I don’t have any? Have been meaning to get some :)


    • ellawoodward

      Yes you can absolutely omit the flaxseeds! :)

  • Rebecca

    I tried this recipe and loved it! I added a cup of buckwheat to the mix for extra crunch and it was delicious

    • ellawoodward

      So glad that you loved it, thanks! :)

  • Irina Solomon

    Amazing!! I started snacking on these and they’re just sooo good. Thanks for the recipe! ♡

  • Toony

    can i just say your website is amazing, everything looks so delicious yet they are not too complicated to make and most importantly super duper healthy ! I can’t even decide which one to make because they all look so so good and i don’t have to worry about how it would effect my body as the ingredients are all from nature! I have only made your raw brownies but your blog is my favourite already ! btw can i make this without the honey ? I persona;;y don’t like anything too sweet and would it be alright with just the sweetness in ripe bananas ?

    • ellawoodward

      I’m so glad that you love the blog, thank you! You can omit the honey but the clusters won’t stick together, it will still be delicious though!

  • Tiana Stuart

    Hi! These look fantastic. However, I was wondering if the honey is omitable and if I could replace the sunflower seeds with something? Thanks :)

    • ellawoodward

      The honey helps to hold it together but the sunflower seeds can be removed or replaced with a different seed or nuts

  • Vittoria

    Hi Ella,

    I am from Brazil and loving your website. The only thing i don’t eat are bananas, can I replace it with something else?

    Thank you and once more congratulations!


    • ellawoodward

      You could probably leave out the bananas although they do help to bind it slightly!

      • Vittoria

        Thanks dor your reply!

  • Sophie

    Hi Ella, love your recipes but I was wondering if there is a suitable oat alternative I could use, as many recipes have oats as an ingredient and I am allergic? Thank you!

    • ellawoodward

      It depends on the recipe but for porridge buckwheat is great and things like quinoa flakes are good substitutes too.

  • http://N/A Victoria

    Hi Ella,

    I made this yesterday but was a bit disappointed…I like the taste but it isn’t very crunchy, despite the fact I broke it up alot and even cooked it for longer! What kind of oven do you have? I am wondering if I needed a higher temp.

    V x

    • ellawoodward

      I use a fan oven.
      Ella x

  • Sandy

    I am having issues with your granola. It has been in the oven for over an hour and has yet to harden or resemble what your photo looks like. Just curious if others have had the same issues.


    • ellawoodward

      Sorry it hasn’t worked out for you Sandy. Did you include all of the ingredients?

  • Emnée

    I’m enjoying this as we speak and it’s delicious!
    Thanks Ella X

  • Hilary Haywood

    Hi Ella, I love your blog, thank you. Do you think this recipe would work dehydrated instead of cooked?

  • christina

    Hi Ella! I tried this and the granola got stocked on the baking paper. Do you grease the paper at all? Or, do I have to stir it during the baking process? Thank you for your help!

  • JeanJeanie

    Love this recipe. I make a big batch of it. I use a mixture of oat, barley, millet buckwheat flakes etc. After turning off oven I leave it in there for a while, I find this helps harden/dry it without over cooking.

  • Johana

    Hi Ella, I would like to ask if I can eat this granola with milk/ yoghurt or just like it is? Thank you very much.

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Sarah,
    When I did the app I updated some of the recipes but both work well! Not all of the recipes will be on the app but I will update it every few months – there was one a week or so ago. I can’t update it any more than that because it is hugely expensive to do!

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Lucy, you could try buckwheat instead, it’s gluten-free! X

  • ellawoodward

    Hi Lucy, you don’t need to soak buckwheat before hand for this recipe! X

  • Rosie McKay

    I just stumbled across this recipe and I will definitely be trying this out next week!
    Its refreshing to see a granola with ‘normal’ ingredients which I will be able to afford to buy!